Special acoustic materials

Special acoustic materials
Other key factors in the formulation of high-performance transducers include acoustic matching layers and backing materials. Our special transducer acoustic materials include:
Efficient matching layer material, used in the matching layer of various transducers, the frequency can reach more than 20 megabytes, and the acoustic impedance adjustment range is 3-7 MRalys.
Low-loss acoustic delay line or block material (polystyrene sheet and bar), used for high-frequency detection (speed of sound=2,326m/s, Attn=0.42dB/mm @10MHz)
Conductive low-loss acoustic material (can be used for conductive matching layer and electrode extraction, etc.)
High-temperature low-loss acoustic materials (for high-temperature transducers)
Conductive high-loss acoustic materials (for multi-dimensional array transducers)
Hard wear-resistant low-loss acoustic material (used for the surface protective layer of the transducer)

Matching layer material

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